Order your Ab Rocket Twister today!

Order Ab Rocket Twister™ Today!

Order Your Ab Rocket Twister™ Today!

Ab Rocket Twister™ Works Your:

Get ready to rock and twist your way to sizzling hot abs with the brand new AB Rocket Twister!

If you can rock in a chair, Ab Rocket Twister can launch you on your way to amazing abs. Forget traditional floor crunches, they strain your neck and lower back, and most ab machines are bulky and only work in one direction. The secret to how the Ab Rocket Twister targets your abs so effectively comes from its unique exercise efficiency technology.

Revolutionary Resistance Technology Flattens Entire Core!

It starts by offering resistance on the way down, and on the way back up, for double the impact. So, you get intense ab sculpting with no waisted motion.

Revolutionary Resistance Technology Flattens Entire Core!

Real people. Real results. Fast!

Plus, it makes the perfect Pilates assister, making difficult moves easier and pain free. The padded rolling cushions support your neck and back, so it's like getting a massage while you firm and flatten your entire core area. Check this out! Just release the twister pin and blast away those unwanted love handles. Get the all new Ab Rocket Twister, 3 levels of resistance bands, Rockin' Fat Blasting DVD set, Blast Away The Calories Meal Plan, and Cardio Dance Party.

Just Rock & Twist to Tighter, Sexier Abs